Fashion Tips

Shopaholic Anonymous

I recently read an article on “How to control your shopping appetite” and not only was it helpful it made me realize how much stuff I have that I could have gone without. Countless articles of clothing tossed to the back of the closet; pieces I forgot about and the ones lucky enough to even make it off my hanger… Once, then suffered the same fate. Here are some tips that I found helpful and some that

I use  personally:

  • Retail Therapy:  When and if we’ve had a bad day/week we sometimes tend to think that shopping is the ultimate cure. It can often cheer us up and boost our mood when we were are feeling down. While this may be true, this allows us to splurge on things we really don’t need and may regret buying later. Instead of shopping you can get a manicure/pedicure, eat your fav. dessert, or a massage from the beau. Not only does it release the same endorphins, its wayy cheaper!
  •  Shop Around/Shop your closet:  Browse different websites before you purchase an item. What’s better than finding that perfect piece? Getting it for a cheaper price. Even though it may be only $2-3 cheaper… it adds up!  Same thing goes for closet; Browse your closet first, before you run out and buy something new. You may find something that you forgot you had or you can pair up different pieces.
  • Quality vs Quantity: Let’s face it. Quality is important. Avoid splurging on cheaper, smaller items and find that one piece that is not only versatile but timeless as well. I know… better quality items tend to cost more BUT if you think about it, if you invest in a quality piece the longer the item will last and the less clothes you will have to buy. Always remember It is better to have one piece of great value than many pieces of little value.
  • Make a Wishlist:  Wishlists aren’t only for Christmas anymore. You can simply create one on your phone or at your favorite online store. I usually make a list on my phone of everything that I want, I usually look at it and remind myself that these are the items that are most important and to keep me from buying the things I don’t need. When I’m unsure about a piece online, I usually put on my wishlist and think about it for a couple of days. If I’m still thinking about it, then its worth getting!

Here are also some questions to ask yourself if you are unsure about whether you should buy a particular piece… 

  1. Do I NEED this?
  2. Do I already have something similiar?
  3. How versatile is this piece?
  4. How often can I wear this?
  5. How comfortable do I really feel in it?
  6. Is it WORTH the splurge?

What are your tips when it comes to controlling your shopping??

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