Fall Fashion


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Excuse me while I state the obvious, BUT we all very we all know, without the past there is no future. So with this idea in mind, try to channel it when looking at Ruffian’s Fall 2012 collection. Three words: Blast From (the) Past! I’m telling you, as soon as the first model hit the runway, I immediately thought Nancy Drew meets city slicker. It seemed to have been totally 20’s-30’s inspired, and with the classical music playing in the background, “Concerto for Two” (Ruffian’s little slogan for the show programme) I found the setting to be extremely old fashioned and elegant.

As I’ve seen in previous shows, the trend that designers have is to go for a more muted color palette and slowly delve into bolder and louder colors and then kind of end on the same note. Pictured above, are my favorite looks/pieces from the collection. And although I’ve stressed the old English lifestyle kind of vibe, this collection slowly transitioned into more wearable and modern pieces, making it all simply timeless and effortless.

Images via Style.com


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