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Monif C Presents : Resort 2012 Escape to Barbados Review

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I’ve been seeing these photos floating around for quite some while now and decided to finally check it out, but little did I know these were taken in my own backyard.

Monif C  for her latest resort collection takes us to beautiful Barbados.The few pictures above clearly shows how beautiful and flattering these swimsuits are and they will not only flatter your body in every way possible but leave you looking fashionable as well.

I mean who doesn’t like looking their best ? Better yet looking good on the beach?

I know I’m a tad late , but hey if you’re interested in seeing the whole line you can visit her website and click the title ‘Resort  2012 Escape to Barbados” .

If you’re wondering about the price , yes it’s a tad pricey but can you place a price on a good investment? It’s better than having none at all.

So when you do buy your swimsuits don’t forget the next step  is to come show it off right here in Barbados, you won’t regret it

Monif C. Plus Sizes Swim 2012: Behind the Scenes in Barbados featuring Denise Bidot

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