My Views

The Mind is Like a Vagina…


If p**** is power, then the origin of that power needs to be protected. Typically, people in power do what’s necessary to maintain and protect their power. The mind is no different. Like the vagina, the mind must be protected. No one wants a loose vagina, and the same rings true of our minds. We shouldn’t allow any and anything to infiltrate it, whether it be certain types of music, language, unsound advice, television, Internet, environments, media hype, etc.

There’s something irresistibly magnetic about people who strive to be good, to look good, and to do better; those who have direction, those who know what they want from life and how to achieve it, those who are strong willed, (which is different from stubborn) and those whose beliefs are unwavering.

As young girls, we’re taught to “close our legs.” We’re taught to protect our bodies, but what about our minds, the core of it all?

The more something can be tapped into without some system of filtration, the less valuable it becomes due to it’s easy access. The more producers allow unqualified or low quality ingredients to mix with their product, the more it’s cheapened. The same is true of our minds. So, we must be highly selective not only about what (or who) we allow to penetrate our bodies, but also what we permit to penetrate our minds. Because if we are not selective, then long term damage may occur in the form of disease, depression, identity and self-esteem issues, etc.

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