DIY Fashion / In Case You Missed It

Cameo Collar — This collar may look like a ton of sewing, but it’s actually extremely simple — you’ll only need to make a few stitches, promise!

You’ll need:
  • A brightly colored or patterned button-down. You’ll be cutting the collar off, so either buy a new shirt to use for this project, find one for cheap at a thrift store, or use an old favorite shirt that’s past its prime. We think this DIY would look awesome with a patterned shirt as well, so no need to run yourself ragged one looking for something orange.
  • An interesting button or brooch.
  • A needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
Step 1 —
Unbutton the shirt, making it easier to remove the collar.

Step 2 —
Starting on one side of the shirt, begin to carefully cut the collar off, being very careful to cut just below the area where the collar is sewed on. This will keep the collar in tact, meaning you will have very little sewing to do.

Step 3 —
Once the collar is completely cut off from the shirt, trim any edges or lose threads that might still be left.

Step 4 —
Thread your needle with about 6-12 inches of thread, and secure the ends with a knot. Poke the needle through the collar from the back, about half an inch above the buttonhole that’s already there.

Step 5 —
Thread the button or broach through the needle.

Step 6 —
Once the button is on the thread, poke the needle back through the collar slightly below the area where it first came up. This will help stabilize the button.

Step 7 —
Repeat steps 4-6 several more times, to ensure that the button is on securely. On the back of the collar, tie the two ends of the thread together in a knot, and trim any excess that reminds.

Step 8 —
Try your collar on. You should be able to fasten it using the button and buttonhole that was already on the collar. The decorative button you sewed on should be int he middle of collar.

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