Fashion Designers / In Case You Missed It

Good Morning Ladies I do hope you are enjoy your day thus far, especially with it being “National Women’s Day”


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Today I would love to introduce to you a very fabulous fashion find , the photos above displaying all those lovely dresses are all compliments ofQristyl Frazier Designs’ . The dresses above derives from her collections , each bearing a different name and different cut. 

The names of the Qristyl Frazier Designs’ Collections are as followed :

What I found absolutely intriguing about these designs are not only do they cater to the plus size women but they also spoil the maternal ladies with their Epiphany Maternity Collection.

If you’re interested in buying any of these wonderful dresses which would be a tremendous investment if you asked me, well guess what today you’re in luck. If you act quickly you’ll get a chance to partake in their CLEARANCE SALE,  yes you are not seeing double it’s a sale alright.

To learn more about the designer and the history behind the fashion line you can see more here

However if that does not answer all of your questions or pertain to your interest you can inquire as much times as you like by contacting them here or visiting them on their Facebook Profile

Coming up I will will show a preview of each collection , so stay tuned…..

Do share and return and enjoy the remainder of your day!


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