Dedicated To The Music Lovers! DJ PUFFY Presents : FREEZER BURN

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Hello all my music lovers out there in internet land,I’ve got a very energy boosting gift for you today.What is it you ask? A compilation of some crazy Pop, House and Dance tracks with a couple awesome remixes. I’m quite certain that when you have completed listening to this tracks you would have shed a couple a pounds by the amount of fist pumping and what ever other crazy dance moves you come up with.

The name of  The Mix is entitled Freezer Burn and it was complied by DJ PUFFY. Click HERE to take a listen ,download & Share.

What I enjoyed about this mixed is how clean every song came in giving you that quick rush and energy.However what I found quite amusing about it was the name .So I went ahead and asked DJ PUFFY how was the name derived , all he had to say for himself is “Loool it’sall vibes ahahaha “

Many of my readers are accustomed to me posting about other matters and this being my first post on entertainment ,I have left you below a short BIO on the DJ behind the Mix.

Of all the words that could describe DJ Puffy, six do it best: The Voice of A New Generation. Andre Parris on November 20, 1991, he has transformed Barbados entertainment—and then some.But his fans almost never knew him.Spending most of his time messing around with turntables in his bedroom, Puffy didn’t intend to launch a career as a deejay. That was until the promoter of a local carnival party was struggling to find a disc jockey at the last minute.Barely out of high school, he volunteered to help and got a lot of people’s attention that Saturday night, including Matthew “Fewwture” Ashby of Dream Real Projects. Now his manager and a mover and shaker on Barbados’ entertainment scene Fewwture was booking Puffy for gigs within a week of discovering him.With a catalog of hits that defies his age and an enviable ear for music, DJ Puffy says music is in his blood. Born to a music-loving dad and his mom, Denise, an entertainer, he recalls his early days watching her perform—at venues as far-flung as Germany. That’s how he fell in love with the stage and its energy.

It’s something that is evident in his signature performance style, which gave him instant in-demand status from the moment he debuted. Today, his venue credits are impressive; Amber Rose, the cast of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club”, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and J.Cole are some of the who’s who featuring on his audience list. But Puffy isn’t just bright lights and late-night parties.
At 18, his standout talent landed him a job with radio station, Slam 101.1 FM where he is on the roster for three high-octane shifts.On the Club 101 Monday Thursday 6-9pm,Sound System Friday 9-12pm & Slam on a Saturday 4-8pm.

If you are interested in contacting Andre for bookings view the social sites below









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