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JIBRI’S Spring 2012 Collection..Bright Lights (Take 1). Check Out This Wonderful Collection

Good afternoon readers today I would love to introduce to you Jasmine Elder the designer behind the amazing JIBRI Spring Collection.

JIBRI is dedicated to creating garments for the fashion-conscious, curvy woman. The label is a perfect combination of high fashion, chic and urban street sleek, coming in sizes from 14-24.

What I admire about this collection is how on point Jasmine is , she completely shows that spring is approaching a  season which I gratefully adore filled with bright bold colours and  flowers awakening from their long cold slumber. I’m completely positive that you will not disagree with me when I state this line is the definition of “SPRING”.

To contact and view more JIBRI DESIGNS , please do not hesitate to visit the following social sites I will leave for you below :



Email :

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