John Carter In 3D Movie Review

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Good afternoon to all my daily reviews , today I would love to share my views on the movie John Carter 3D.

My Thoughts:

Last night I had the privilege of attending  the movie premiere of John Carter which was released  on March 9th 2012.On arriving to the movie theatre  I was already completely amped up from the trailer ,and me being a movie fanatic I could not wait to get to my seat so that the show could begin. The runtime for the movie was 132 minutes, quite a long to be sitting don’t you agree? However my uncomfortable disposition and restlessness was all block out by the time I read into the movie storyline .

What many people fear to realize that many movies including lyrics by various artist have gross double meanings. Being the observer that I am it hit me like  a baseball falling out of the sky, when “Mark Strong” who played Matai Shang  in the movie said these words :

” We sit back and watch as the people of your planets destroy each other slowly day by day till there is no more life in the universe,  all we have to do is place the power in the wrong hands , someone you people place your trust in (leader)  so we can get the exact image that we saw coming from the beginning. All of this is done through mind control and you don’t even see it coming till it’s too late”

( Not in the exact words complied it from memory since I didn’t take any notes)

After hearing those words I was not even surprised seeing as corruption has been going on in the world from the beginning of time .

However if I may add the storyline really captured my attention especially from the way how it started,right up to the ending. I was not expecting that twist at all in the end ,very creative so I must give Walt Disney Motion Pictures  a gold star for that with modest congratulations. Moreover what I found as a huge disadvantage in this production was the 3D ,I was  expecting to see more flying objects coming at me from the screen .The type of effects that would make anyone duck and hold on for dear life to their seat, unfortunately to state I appearance none of this.

Enclosing I would advise each and everyone who is reading this to go and see this movie, it’s Rated PG -13 . If you do not qualify for the age requirements , take your parents and the rest of your family along with you and make it into a weekend outing. What is missed out in the effects will surely pay up in the storyline, cause let’s be real what is a movie based on any ways? If my thoughts does not convince you enough to view this movie I’ve left below links to boost your decision-making.

To see the trailer for this movie CLICK HERE or if  you prefer to read the complete story line and view the cast members CLICK HERE !


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