Make Up Trends

This Vintage Makeup Tutorial Shows ,You How The Classic Beauties Did It.

While makeup vloggers and video tutorials may seem like a thoroughly modern fad, turns out our grandmothers were on this way before we were we stumbled across this vintage makeup video from the ’30s and it paints quite the picture of what it was like to be a fashionable woman back in the day. For instance, there was a lot of geometry involved with makeup application back then, to the point of drawing shapes and lines on the face, not to mention the giant protractor-like tool used to measure the face that thing looks dangerous! Apparently these types of tutorials were pretty popular in the ’30s, which has us wondering were the crayon and compass-like devices used only by the pros, or did every girl mark up her face like a graph page for geometry class? We’re just happy makeup application has evolved since then — can you imagine doing this every morning?


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