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The Essentials To Pack For Spring Break

It’s been creating a huge buzz on the fashion scene ,what is it you ask? It’s Spring Break which is right around the corner and  many of you are probably starting to think about what to do, pack, and most importantly, what to wear!

I always get happy when spring comes around from all of the bright wonderful colours that are shown throughout that brief month,in  every designers’ spring collections.

Whether you’re headed to the beach with friends or just planning to stay at home, these couple of essentials should still be in your bag and closet! No matter where you’re flying, you’re going to want an outfit that’s both comfortable and effortlessly chic, not only for your flight, but also for your trek through the airport. Luckily, some of today’s hottest trends blend fashion and function, making this an easy look to create.

We have not forgotten the men ,yes, spring break demands rowdy, carefree times while also providing chances to impress a whole new slew of ladies. To achieve this, however, you must have the skills and the style  to differentiate yourselves from the other spring break knuckleheads. Spring break is perfect for tossing aside that too-casual frat-boy image for a more polished, reliable style. So, this year, as the good times get underway, improve your success rate with these must-pack spring break fashions. (Source :Askmen)

Below you will find a preview of clothing showing what should be added to your bag , along with a short list .Enjoy the break and be safe  everyone 🙂

Women :                                      Men :

Flats                                           Solid Tee

An Over size Tee                   Polo Shirt

Tote bag                                  Chino Shorts

Sunglasses                              Swim Trunks

Clutch                                      Slip Ons

Dress                                       Slippers

Sandals                                  Shades




Sun Screen



Travel Size Skincare to Go Set

Passport Wallet

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