Sparks Official Music Video By We Are Cover Drive

It’s the day many of you have been waiting for, since the release of Spark Official Audio it’s been banging on many radio stations with requests coming in like crazy. Let’s just say this song is a complete hit and I expect the video to be as well ,it’s definitely what’s hot this week and many more weeks to come after.

Sparks is a brand new single coming off the debut ablum “Bajan Style” which is set to be release on April 30th

Cover Drive are a four-piece band from Barbados consisting of the members: lead singer and lone female, Amanda Reifer (20), drummer “T-Ray” Armstrong (18), guitarist Barry “Bar-Man” Hill (22) and bassist Jamar Harding (18) all from Barbados.The band were signed by record label Global Talent, a division of Polydor Records. The band obtained one of its major breaks by performing as an opening act during Rihanna’s Loud Tour.

Sparks doesn’t stray too far from their previous song Twilight,  from my opinion, a continuation from where they left off in that previous video unfolding that there is a “spark” between Amanda and T-ray depicting  that being more than just friends is not what either of them want.

The female  singer (Amanda) clearly manifest-ates this by talking us through that rush of love you feel when you see that special person.

Above all we are completely infatuated with the representation shown in the video especially the way how it combines with the lyrics in the song.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think


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