The Premiere of Nas New Single ~ “The Don”

Nas has been busy murdering guest verses lately on songs like “Triple Beam Dreams” and “King & Queens,” but little is known about his forthcoming album tentatively titled Life Is Good. The last the public has heard from Nas as far as his solo album is concerned was his June 2011 street single “Nasty,” and since then, speculation has significantly decreased.

To bring the focus back to Life Is Good, Nas announced the premiere of his new single “The Don,” which is co-produced by the late Heavy D, Salaam Remi, and Da Internz. Nasty Nas keeps it pretty simple on the Supercat sampled track until he approaches the third verse where he comments on the state of crime in his home borrough:

New York is like an Island a big Rikers Island
The cops be out wildin, all I hear is sirens
It’s all about surviving same old two step
Tryna stay alive when
They be out robbin, I been out rhyming
Since born knowledge like prophet Muhammad
Say the ink from a scholar
Worth more than the blood of a martyr
So I’mma
Keep it on til I see billion dollar


To Listen & Download CLICK HERE


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