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Blog Feature Tuesday ~ GabiFresh

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Today, I’m delighted to introduce to you Gabi  Gregg from  Gabi Fresh a well-rounded and dynamic woman ,many of you may recognize her, seeing as she was one of  MTV’s first “Twitter jockey.

However for those who are not aware, Gabi started here blog in October 2008 since there was very few, if any, resources out there that were directly targeting young plus-size women.With the intentions of demonstrating  that it’s possible to look great and stylish at any size.Throughout this amazing journey of balancing her new job as well as updating her blog and Facebook fan page Young , Fat and Fabulous she continue to challenge herself more .By expanding the boundaries and breaking the rules in terms of what people saw fitting of what she was supposed to wear. Gabi says that she ignores what other people say and dress only to please herself.

What I love about her style is that it’s very unique and adventurous which entails everything from conservative to classic, chic to funky,high-end to vibrant and we can’t forget absolutely trendy.

When I first discovered her blog five years ago she was and still is the “it girl for all of us thick chicks’ .I’m quite elated to state that Gabi is one of my fashion guru’s and is also one of sole inspiration for the creation of Big Beautiful Black Girls  which finally lead to this website.

Upon finding her blog ,I spent hours going from page-to-page in awe of her style seeing as I am a fan of bright colours and I’m quite sure you will enjoy it even if you go on by just to say hi and commend her on her wonderful style. I’m entirely certain she would appreciate that.

If you’re interested in contacting Gabi you can check her out on either of the following social sites :





Every Tuesday on this website ,you can expect to see a new blogger , artist ,stylist etc . If you know of anyone who will love to be featured in this segment or interviewed ,send your name, location, a description of your style, and 2-6 picture(s) to


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