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Law Pass In Israel To Ban Under Weight Models

According to BBC News ,Israel  government has passed a law banning the use of underweight models.

The law, passed late Monday, appears to be the first attempt by any government to use legislation to take on a fashion industry accused of abetting eating disorders by idealizing extreme thinness. It could become a model for other countries grappling with the spread of anorexia and bulimia, particularly among young women.

The new law requires models to produce a medical report, dating back no more than three months, at every shoot that will be used on the Israeli market, stating that they are not malnourished by World Health Organization standards.

Supporters of the bill believe images of extreme thinness are to blame for eating disorders in young girls.They hoped it would encourage the use of healthy models in local advertising and heighten awareness of digital tricks that transform already thin women into illusory waifs.

“We want to break the illusion that the model we see is real,” said Liad Gil-Har, assistant to law sponsor Dr. Rachel Adato, who compares the battle against eating disorders to the struggle against smoking.”

Critics say the legislation should have focused on health not weight, as some models are naturally very thin.

Models in Israel are now required to have a body mass index (BMI) – a calculation based on a ratio of weight to height – of no less than 18.5.

They will need to have an up-to-date doctor’s report certifying their weight when they go for jobs. Publications will have to specify if the image of a model has been manipulated to make them appear thinner.




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