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Young couple addicted to online games, baby starved to death

The young couple addicted to online games, would rather spend monthly salary to online games more than their one-year-old daughter’s milk powder. The little baby was starved to death because of malnutrition, when her parents only fed her porridge. The poor little girl only weighed three kilograms. In the end, the young couple was brought to justice, Taiwan media reported.

23-year-old husband and 22-year-old wife had a girl the year before last, but the girl died after one year. At that time, the doctors were very shocked when they saw the skinny baby. According to the investigation, the husband who was a cleaner in an international airport rent a house with his wife, while they only had 18,000 NTD every month. The wife hadn’t work, but took care of their baby at home.

However, the young couple was too addicted to online games, such as a game about three kingdoms (包包三国). They spent at least five or six hours a day on these computer games. In addition to rent and living expenses, most of their money was spent on network costs, and even they were reluctant to buy their daughter’s powder.

According to the invoices, they had bought a jar of milk when their girl was nine months old, and then buy another jar after three months.

Last February 23rd, the couple found their daughter died in the bed when they used computer at home.

The local judge sentenced the young couple to five years and four months in prisons, because they made their daughter starve to death, as their lack of baby care experience.

Source :BeijingShots


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