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23 Commandments Of Marriage

Upon reading those commandments that you will find below, my first reaction was what in the world? This has to be a joke and most likely written by a man! There is no possible way in this day and age that any woman in her right mind would obey any of these rules.

Take a read and let us know your first reactions .


1. The husband is always right

2. The husband is always the master of the family even if he doesn’t work

3. The wife must ask for permission from the husband before going in bed as well as before turning the back to him on the bed

4. If the husband beats the wife and then comes a visitor, the wife should smile as if nothing happened

5. The husband is still the master and has full control on all the operations even in bed

6. Even if the wife is right, Article number 1 takes over

7. Before going to bed the wife must be in her nightdress with no pant or bra, to allow the husband to enter at any time he feels like

8. The husband never lies, but he enlightens

9. When the husband is shouting, the wife keeps kneeling down without saying anything

10. The wife should wait for the husband before making any decision

11. The husband never comes home late, he is in a meeting

12. The husband never goes out on the off day but he is attending the

family meeting

13. The wife waits for her husband with her ideas and take those of her husband when he is back home

14. The wife never works hard during the day to avoid her getting fast tired in the night

15. The wife never goes to her husband’s office only when it comes an urgent case of emergence of this one

16. The wife is not allowed to do any kind of expenses without consulting the husband even if its her own money

17. All the misunderstandings have to be solved by only the two in the bedroom without witness and this should be to the husband’s advantage

18. The wife never refuses eating, even if she is annoyed

19. The wife has no orders to give to her husband, but she receives these from him

20. The wife must respect the husband’s orders carefully

21. The wife has to take limit of her jealous and not show it in public

22. The wife never pays visits to her parents as well as to her in-laws only on permission from the husband and under any circumstances, she should be accompanied by the husband

23. The wife never goes out without permission from her husband

Source :Shinbow


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