DIY Fashion

DIY Gretchen Jones Necklace

You’ll need:

  • various sized brass rings
  • neon nylon mason line cord
  • scissors
  • lighter

Start by laying out a pattern. Even though we ultimately changed the pattern, it’s a good idea to take a photo for reference.

Line up two brass rings. Cut a 12 inch piece of cord and connect the two rings by wrapping around them 4-5 times.

Pull tightly and tie into a double knot. Trim the ends.

Now for the crafty trick – take a lighter and burn the tips of the knot until the nylon starts to melt. Then immediately press the bottom of the lighter against the melted tips onto the backside of the wrapped cord, sealing the knot.

The first section is complete. Align another ring and repeat the process.

Continue to add more rings, wrapping each connecting section . . .

When the pendant of the necklace is finished, cut two 40″ pieces of cord. Fold a piece in half, pull the center loop through top of the upper right ring, fold it over the ring, and pull the rest of the cord through the loop.

Repeat the step on the opposite side.

Your necklace is finished! Feel free to experiment with fewer or different sized rings.

Source : HonestlyWtf


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