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Father Arrested After Urinating On 4-Month-Old Son’s Face

Phoenix police arrested a Valley man who is accused of urinating on his 4-month-old son’s face and body.

Sergio Velderrain, 31, faces felony child abuse charges.

The baby’s mother, Jennifer Velderrain, told ABC15 she woke up after hearing what sounded like running water.

“I looked over and he was in the corner peeing all over my son on the stroller,” said Jennifer.

That’s when Jennifer said she jumped out of bed and grabbed her son, Greyson.

She said he was choking on the urine after Sergio peed on the little boy’s face and body.

“To be peeing on him and to see him choking and still peeing and then laughing hysterically about it, I mean that’s gotta be the lowest. That’s worse than spitting on somebody,” said Jennifer.

While laughing, Jennifer said Sergio told her “now he has something to remember his dad by.”

Jennifer then called 911 and had her own words for Sergio.

“I swore back at him and I told him he would have something to remember to for a long time that he did that to his son,” said Jennifer.

Police arrested Sergio after finding him at a nearby apartment.

According to police, Sergio told officers he was drunk and thought he was urinating in the toilet.
However, Jennifer thinks Sergio used drinking as an excuse so he wouldn’t get in trouble and thinks he urinated on their son after getting into an argument with her.

“I don’t think you could be that drunk to not know you’re doing that to your own child.”
Jennifer said she plans on getting a restraining order against Sergio and plans to file for divorce.


Source : ABC15



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