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10 Secret Confessions Of The 2012 Gold-Digger

Warning: What you are about to read is mad real…

Being a gold-digger isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s not the most noble either… But it is ambiguous, and evidently in need of explanation. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a young lady complain about finances and then jokingly/dead seriously wish for a Sugar Daddy as refuge, I’d have enough to sponsor one of these poor damsels myself, smdh. Bad news: I don’t :( Good news: I know someone that does! :)

I think Penny’s a befitting pseudonym for the lady, don’t you agree?

Pretty Penny’s been shining since the day I met her, courtesy of some very generous sponsors. It’s a strange dichotomy this 27 yr-old lives in that condo of hers: half of the time she’s blasting “haters” in disagreement of her enviable life on social networks. The other half is spent not giving a huff but happily playing with “toys”, the sparkly, furry, and tax exemptive gifts she’s gingerly collected over the years from her bevy of suitors: pro athletes, lawyers, and ballin’ businessmen, all of which firmly believed it aint trickin, because well… They got it.

So I caught up with Penny and asked her some very real questions, a special delivery for inquiring minds. As always, you can thank me later, via fan mail and long stem roses…

1. ) Do you resent the name Gold-digger?

I do. I’m not digging for gold! Honestly that whole name calling thing is really urban and coming from an urban perspective. If a chick of color, which I am goes for guy of a higher rank the other crabs in the barrel want to call her out her name. When a white woman does it, they just call her smart. I don’t get it and I don’t care to.

2.) Was there a specific incident that made you turn into a “Gold-Digger” or better yet, a “Financial Security Miner”?

Hahahaha! I like that! Yeah, the incident was when reality hit me! I used to go out with regular guys that I was really into, nothing extravagant, you know little dates to the movies or out for dinner. He’d pay or if I liked him we’d go dutch, whatever. But that’s always how it is in the beginning. My last BF really changed the game for me. He gave me nothing but hard d*ck and bubblegum and that was good enough for me because I loved him. After I found out he was cheating I had nothing but tears to cry and time I wished I didn’t waste. I can’t be that girl anymore that sits around and cries about the fact I gave this guy everything and have nothing to show for it, well not anymore. Now if a guy wants to be a player, he can go right ahead. He can play with his toys and I’ll play with my toys, at his expense.

3.) What’s the most elaborate gift or present you’ve ever received from a lover?

Well it’s kind of tacky for me to name drop but I would say the most elaborate thing a guy has ever done for me was put the down payment for my condo. Typical things usually though, designer shoes, jewelry, miscellaneous bills here and there…

4.) Be honest, do you have to sex him before you can collect?

I never have to sleep with anyone. Just like regular guys if I want to sleep with the guy I will. There’s never an obligation, it’s not like I’m a prostitute! They have to do what the guy tells them to do. I do what I choose and depending on how bad he wants me or what I have to offer, he’ll stick around by my terms. But I’ll tell you one thing, whether you plan on sleeping with him or not you should always give him the impression that sex is in the future if he plays his cards right! Depending on how bad he wants, he’ll deliver.

5.) Have you ever NOT slept with a guy that made it rain on you?

No. Again, not because I have to, but because I’m not selfish and just want to show my gratitude. And what better present can you give someone besides the gift of love?! (winks and laughs)

6.) We have attentive listeners on hold: Give us a typical scenario of how you would ask for a designer pair of shoes?

“Babe, I want those new Lobos. I have a real sexy outfit in mind perfect for them! When can we go get them?” Smile and don’t break eye contact. The end.

7.) Ballsy but impressive! Typically how deep do you wait to get in the relationship before you start making requests?

You gotta feel out the guy. Some guys (usually older) will come out and say that they’re ballers and money is no object, blah, blah, blah. And for those men that can’t stop talking about their money, you test them! If he’s really a powerful man it’ll be an ego boost for him. Other guys that you know have money, but don’t gloat about it, you have to be a bit more subtle. Say what you need and wait for a response. Then just come out and ask for it. If he’s not about it, on to the next.

8.) So how and where do you grab a baller or a Sugar Daddy?

I hear Sugar Daddies are online now! I’ve never tried it, but more power to the ladies that do! I don’t go baller shopping lol. I just play the part of a woman deserving of a guy in a good place money wise. I look like a chick that’s kind of high maitenance, and I do it purposely. It repels broke guys and attracts the right guys. They see my hair, they see my clothes, they see my bag, they know what kind of girl I am. If they aren’t about it they didn’t have to holler.

You can meet them anywhere. Like I said it’s not so much about location as it is attraction. But if you’re kind of thirsty for a sponsor I would recommend upscale events, venues and open houses!

9.) Which qualities are you most likely to overlook in the name of wallet size? Physical attractiveness, Personality, or Sexual Talent?

Damn…. That’s a hard one! Ummm…. As long as he has a good personality and the money’s right we could work, maybe. Being really attractive is over-rated, most guys that know they’re fly are high-maitenance themselves. As for sexual talent, I’ve never met a person I couldn’t develop into a better lover, so I’m not too worried about that..

Agree! Lmfao!

10.) What advice would you give to a woman dating a guy with a dollar and a dream?

I think every woman should do and date whoever they want. But if your tired of being assed out at the end of relationships make you sure you cop some insurance a long the way. A designer purse or a tennis bracellet isn’t going to cheat on you. Don’t let those stupid names Gold-digger and such, scare you. It’s nonsense and it’s not what they call you it’s what you answer to! Men always go after the things they find valuable in women, T&A, hair, complexion, whatever. So for someone to judge me or you about the things we find attractive in a man is just being hypocritical. Right? Feel me? Why you worrying about who I date anyways? Shooo!

A wise man once said, “You can’t knock the hustle.” Excuse the snap snap but I rejoice in the gospel! Relationships are customizable. If your guy likes to splurge who are you to stand in the way of his happiness? Just make sure he is on the same page and it’s something he can afford to do. I do notrecommend squeezing the juice out of an Average Joe or a guy playing catch up in child support hell bent on acquiring the likes of your fanciness. That’s just bad karma and we don’t support that around these parts. But if communication is clear, so are you, which makes great forecast! So don’t hesitate to grab an umbrella, after this I think it might rain…



One thought on “10 Secret Confessions Of The 2012 Gold-Digger

  1. Penny – kudos on being so real! I know what you want and you get it – that’s the definition of a strong woman.

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