Interview with Graphic Artist & Photographer”The Pharaoh”

I’ve always have this huge appreciation for photography,which is unknown to many of my daily readers.What I admire about photography is the visual expression that touches human life in many ways ,which has become a powerful means of communication. For example, photography has become popular as a means of crystallizing memories.

Today I had the opportunity to conversate with graphic artist and photographer ” The Pharaoh” .

I’ve canonized his work for some time now and he expresses that photography is an adventure just like life itself .

I sincerely wish that they were more people like this in the world showing interest in beauty and aesthetics; not lust in wars and catastrophes.

However throughout the interview he reveals in a very concise manner why he loves photography along with a considerable amount of  positive guidance for those who are contemplating to venture in this line of work.

Take a read below to get the full story on who“The Pharaoh” is and what motivates his movement.

The Pharaoh Photography

1. Give the readers a quick idea of who you are and what you do.

 I’m not sure, I just like to play with a blank canvas. Just a regular young Jamaican that loves to be creative in anyway that I can.

2.What’s the meaning behind your name “The Pharaoh” 

 I did a long assignment on Egyptian culture, I love their art and way of life. They were pioneers of many things we know and still do today.

3.Which came first the graphic design or the photography? Which do you enjoy the most?

    Graphic Design came first but I like photography because when I’m doing that I don’t have to be around the computer for long hours.

4. What motivates you and where does your motivation come from?

         Music, Movies, Life and other people’s work

5.What skills are most important for the graphic designing and which for the photography?

  For graphic design you need to know how to communicate visually and in photography you have to find that perfect angle, lighting     and composition to not just make that photo a regular snapshot.

6.Professionally, what’s your goal?

    To be amongst a group of creatives where I can learn and grow into the artist that I would love to be.

7.These are just some fun questions :

1. What’s your strongest childhood memory ?
  •  “Hot Dog”
2. What’s your scariest experience?
  •  My scariest was when I was in Barbados playing football, I got hit in the head by another player’s knee which knocked me out for a couple of seconds.

 8.How do you stay creative under pressure?

      Watch some South Park

9. Name one artist and one photographer you’d like to be compared to and why

     Only person I want to be compared to is myself.

10. What is you favourite form of photography?(  e.g nature, models etc )

       Fashion & street photography.

11. Where can we view some of your work?

Model : Bobby Ann
Location : Altery Beach, St. Ann, Jamaica

12. Any advice for aspiring photographers or graphic designers?

        Read up on your craft, check blogs and inspirational sites for new ideas.

 13. Where can you be contacted?


You are the creator of your own world, every positive thought you have goes towards making this world as you have dreamt.

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