Fashion Tips



There are many misconceptions out there about how to and who should wear African Print clothing:

1. African Print clothing is only for Africans to wear- 

This is NOT true. African print is for every and anyone. That is why I created the UNITY SKIRT you see above. It is made up of 20 or more DIFFERENT fabrics and each one represents different cultures, so our cultures are brought TOGETHER as one. Embrace the lovely hues and textures of African Print and ROCK IT regardless of your nationality!


2. You can only wear African Print with African Print –

FALSE! Mix it up! There are so many colors and patterns in just one fabric for you to play with. For example again this Unity skirt that Ms. Di’ja is wearing, you can wear it with any color of shirt, blouse, tank top you want to not just black or white or even a gele (head tie). PARFAIT shows you how to rock African print in a modern way!

The lady in these pictures goes by the name Di’ja and she is a great example of UNITY.

She is an up and coming singer/songwriter of Nigerian, Lebanese and Sierra leonian descent.

To check out her music visit:

Facebook Name: Di’ja Rocksteady/Twitter: @dijarocksteady

Stylist: Apuje Kalu

Photographer: Elton Anderson


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