Fashion Tips

Miss Piggy’s Fashion Forward Tips

  1. Style comes in all shapes and sizes. Therefore the bigger you are , the more style you have!
  2. Being stylish means constantly maintaining your image,updating your look and destroying old photos that show you wearing spandex and big hair.
  3. Always dress for yourself. Otherwise, it gets way too crowded in the dressing room.
  4. Your clothes should always make a statement. I like mine to say: “Hey Look at Moi !”
  5. Draw attention to your best features.. by pointing to them.
  6. De-emphasize your flaws….by karate chopping anyone who has the nerve to mention them.
  7. Hang out with weirdos like the Muppets…. You’ll look fabulous by comparison
  8. Maintain your figure. Never eat anything you can’t lift.
  9. Never wear a dress that forces you to turn sideways to enter a room.
  10. When it comes to high fashion: if you want it  {and can find someone to pay for it} .. it fits!
So there you have it ~ everything you need to add some fabulous to your style. Most of all, remember this:your ultimate fashion accessory is a mirror. If you look in it and scream, then it’s probably a good idea to change into something else.

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