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A Fridge Magnet Recently Launched In Dubai ,Has Change The Way We Order Pizza

Welcome to the most dangerous fridge magnet in the world, with one touch it can order your favourite pizza.


The ‘VIP Fridge Magnet’, which stands for ‘Very Important Pizza’, is a takeaway addicts dream, as users don’t even have to pick up the phone to give into their junk food cravings. They simply tap the magnet and the pizza is ordered and delivered within the hour.

Created by a fast food company called Red Tomato based in Dubai, the pizza box shaped magnet can be synced up to your smartphone and customers complete the order through Bluetooth connection.

All you have to do is register your details online along with your favourite pizza topping, and the rest will be done via a single touch of a magnet.

“At Red Tomato, our loyal pizza patrons are important to us. And Very Important Pizza lovers like these deserves very special treatment,” explains a spokesperson from the company.

“So next time you’re hungry, just push the button and we’ll bring your Red Tomato favourite direct to your door, lickety-split.”

Although it’s only available in Dubai at the moment, we’re sure it’ll soon take off in the UK and beyond…

One small fridge magnet,
One giant leap to banish your hunger forever!



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