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Top Blogs To Follow On Tumblr

Tumblr is a great blogging platform (they invented the Reblog trend),which has become one of the fastest growing user- communities on the web, but I think it’s real power stands in the visual field. There are alot of graphic enthusiasts out there searching and publishing daily all kind of visual goodies.

Many of our readers and blogging buddies have been asking what are some of the great and best quality blogs to follow on tumblr, so through submission and observation we made a selection of some of the best blogs out there.

Not yet into Tumblr? It’s a perfect time to jump in. You can start by following these awesome Tumblr blogs below. And for those who are already into the service, let us know which of your favorites we missed and we ‘ll review it and add it to the list!

Cheers & Happy Tumbling


Fashion – Stylish Black women and men – Shoe addicts of the world unite. – Stylish Black men – Celebration of black woman, Africa, and the fashion we inspired.– A package of past recollections and future inspirations, tangled together into a collage of images; Showing what can only be created. Recording trends, street-styles, runway effects and inspirational pin-up boards from one season to the next. Think of this space as, but one more drop into the great sea of matter, defined, with the ability to realize style and its existence.  – Created with creativity and a goal to inspire in mind, La Mode Dimitri is a fashion blog and portal geared towards providing exclusive fashion content to its readers. Founded and Creatively Directed by Barrio Dimitri, who is a budding fashion journalist and French language student from the island of Barbados, the blog brings to you a taste of his personal style, street style, interviews with designers and models, along with the latest in editorial and runway.–  Everyday Do it yourself creations– Here you’ll find  crafts that are unique and customizable –  A collection of afrocentric and vintage images.

Black Women/Women -The #1 site to view fashionable and stylish black girls.

Not just supermodels and famous people but everyday regular girls. –  Showcase of plus size fashion -Showcase of black beauty , supermodels & everyday regular girls

Celebrities – Pictures and quotes from famous Black women -Jaicko– Solange


Food -Here you will find recipes and DIY food tutorial blog that also posts food photography (pics with no recipe) basically it’s a blog for party planning (intimate parties and large celebrations from weddings, baby showers, birthdays, kids bdays and special holidays) 🙂

Writers/ Bloggers– Here you’ll find just about anything, queen nubian is a writer who shares her views on all topics.–  Shirley shares her style diary , fashion and photography inspirations– Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of things that appeal to an Ethiopian-American womanist student/writer with an overgrown appreciation of bad puns and all things ’90s.– Here you’ll find  engage critically with media and social matters particularly in terms of race, gender, and representation (and the intersections therein). – Angel Laws–the woman behind Concrete Loop. – Afrobella shares her thoughts. – Claire Sulmers the Editor in Chief of The Fashion Bomb.

Photographers/Photography– Photography, fashion, food, travel, New York City: Island shots -a blog dedicated to everything floral

Natural Hair & Beauty– This blog shows that natural hair can be quite fancy and appropriate for any/every   occasion. Forever obsessed with the flyness of natural hair -Kinky.Curls is a blog dedicated to natural hair every where -Showcases natural hair and makeup -Naturally Tailored is a website that celebrates natural hair and fashion –  Here at Kinky & Proud those who are not afraid to show or express the way God made them, also to bring awareness of how to take care and nurture their natural hair.

Health & Fitness

Humor – This blog will make you roll on the floor laughing.

Travel– Luxury Accommodations Blog is showcasing a collection of amazing luxury accommodations across the world ranging from vacation rentals to 5 star hotels, yachts, resorts, and other unique accommodations. All these accommodations are unique by construction and design and they might be a good source of inspiration for your home design or they can just offer you an idea for your next vacation!


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  1. there’s another one! — it’s a tattoo blog for black/ non-caucasian people! their sister site is

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