DIY Fashion

How To DIY A Brilliant Bangle, Courtesy Of A Fashion Week Star

Step 1:

“Choose a piece of fabric as a base to wrap the bracelet. Cut the fabric down to size. I don’t like using glue because it is not a recycled material, so instead I sew the base fabric over the bracelet, though you can use glue as an alternative. If sewing, hold the fabric around the bracelet and sew together on the inside of the bracelet.”

Step 2:

“Use any saved or discarded scraps of fabric, threads, and objects to compose a collage. Take the first fabric strip you would like to use, and sew the end of it onto the bracelet. Use any color thread to create your desired bracelet. You can sew it into a circle, or weave it around the entire bracelet. Choose your second fabric and pull it through the spaces in the thread from the first fabric. Weave through the first fabric until you reach a desired pattern. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns. Continue weaving and sewing each of your fabric strips one by one into different patterns until you consider the piece complete.”

Step 3:

“Sew or knot any loose ends onto the bracelet. Make sure to play up any contrasts, but remember, this will be on your wrist!”

Step 4:

“Add your buttons, jewels, and other adornments. Secure onto the bracelet by inserting them between the patterns you’vecreated and sew onto the bracelet. If you have objects that are more difficult to use, then use fabric glue.”

All done! Wear out or make as presents. Remember, it’s one-of-a-kind!


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