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Men Style : Bowties by Mckenzie Liautaud

When it comes to men’s clothing, it’s hard to find items that will add sparkle and whit to everyday wear. Allow us to introduce you to Mckenzie Liautaud, fashionable bowtie creator.

New York City based stylist and designer Mckenzie Liautaud found inspiration in the lack of diversity among men accessories urging him to create a self titled accessory line. The collection serves as an alternative to the everyday choices men are often anchored by.  While men toil over the usual paisley, stripe or polka dotted tie to pair with their solid or striped shirts, Mckenzie notes.

“I want to offer the predictable universe of menswear accessories a diverse and exciting collection even if  others are hindered by a restricted design aesthetic.” He adds, “I think brilliance can be found in the appropriate pairing of the familiar with the unexpected, every so often men wear something unpredictable that reaches outside the box and that’s what I love — individual flair and originality.”

Take a look at a few designs:


Aspen ~ $200

Aspen ~ $200

Aspen Noir~ $250

The Prince ~$85

Abu Dhabi ~ $150

Bowties made of recycled fabrics such as denim, silk, neoprene tastefully adorned with Swarovski crystals, edgy hardware, lace and even plexi- glass . Pocket squares in eye catching prints and neckties in non traditional fabrics such as cowhide and canvas already place Liautaud in a class amongst the work of well respected avant garde designers. He manages to make the unusual wearable without teethering over the thin line into the costume realm. The slim cut leather bow ties pair well with any traditional or non- traditional tuxedo while cleverly constructed leopard print pocket squares add a drop of intrigue to the modern mans wardrobe.

What do you think?
Guys, if you can dig it, see more and purchase at


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