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Who Wore It Best? Celebrity Style Capture by Garnerstyle

We love a risk-taker and  Garner ‘s  celebrity style capture  is definitely what is in this spring.Who not only looked picture-perfect with minimal accessories, but she’s a girl after our own heart for recycling this many moons after it made its debut.

Chastity Garner dishes the reason for her inspired look :

I saw Nikki Minaj in this particular outfit and said to myself, “Did she steal one of my high waist skirts?” LOL! Knowing that I was getting an orange high waist skirt I went and snagged this cropped sweater top from Forever 21 for the cool 16 bucks. Since the Dolce & Gabbana Spring release of it’s bra tops I have been obsessed (literally) with crop & bra tops. With loving them also rushes in the fear of, “Can I really pull this off?” I think of all the strikes against me for such a look.

Strike 1: I’m plus size ~ Never stopped me before.

Strike 2: Im over 30 ~ has stopped me before

Strike 3: Can I even find one that fits?

Outfit Logistics: Top: Forever 21 $15 (similar),

Skirt – JIBRI $120,

Sandals – Talbots $16,

Bracelet – Vince Camuto via TJMaxx $30

My issues with cropped tops not only encompass the strikes above, but also having me battling with my own “lady like” style. How does one wear a shirt that is only half there and wear it in the most tasteful, stylish, and lady like fashion? Then I come across this article in my latest installment of Elle Magazine. Crop Rotation, by Amanda FitzSimons, divulges the author’s fear, allure , and her triumph in sporting the look. This was only further confirmation for me.

For me trying to accomplish this look anything high waist goes. I don’t want to show a whole bunch of skin, just a little bit. I want the look to be as flattering as possible and don’t want to hang out ANYWHERE. All of these things I want to happen and the laws of fashion, style, & flattery are against me. In my mind, they are always against me, so why not prove them wrong…again.

So what do you think did she pull it off?


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