Plus Size Fashion

10 Reasons Why Plus Size In Hotter Than Ever

Plus size is the in thing these days.  Adele made her comments against plus size enemy Karl Lagerfeld and more articles are coming out daily in regard to a new business product or service that is directly marketing the plus size community.

Some may wonder what is going on with all this attention but those of us in the community know its the hard work of those who got no attention and very little money pushing an agenda that should never have been ignored in the first place.


For that reason these are some of the ideas off the top of my head as to why plus size is hotter than ever and will remain so for a long time to come.

  1. Back in 2008 it was predicted that 2012 would be a $120 billion dollar year for plus size fashion and that’s just the women
  2. Blogs like Full Figure Plus have continued to grow and evolve along with the plus size community
  3. Plus Model Magazine educates thousands of potential models every month by pushing the issues of plus size modeling and acceptance
  4. Plus size positive events like Full Figured Fashion Week™ continue to raise the bar for positive business activities
  5. Twitter has given the plus size community a voice to talk directly with plus size fashion merchants
  6. Facebook has given the plus community the visual tools needed to reach each other no matter the location in the world
  7. Models like Ashley Graham and  Fluvia Lacerda continue to show that beauty does not stop at a size 6
  8. International companies like Simply BeEvans, and City Chic have opened up websites targeting US customers
  9. US companies like IGIGI and Monif C continue to create outstanding plus size fashion
  10. Plus size women from around the world are standing up for their right to quality work and trendy fashions

The best part of being able to witness the growth within the plus size community has been being able to get to know the many people behind the scenes who started doing what they do as a business who would gladly do the same thing for free.  If things continue at the rate they are going plus size will for sure eclipse smaller sizes in terms of sales and growth and it will be because plus size women stood up for what they wanted and were not willing to compromise their fashion principles.

Source:  FullFigurePlus

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