Plus Size Fashion / Summer Fashion

Monif C Presents : ” The Whitley Dresses ” Summer 2012 Collection

Can you feel that? The heat is definitely on  and  there is only one person to blame for this summery and  vigorous display.

  Monif C  a contemporary plus size clothing line ,which I previously mention in the review ”   Resort 2012 Escape To Barbados” is reheating the flame once again with “The Whitley Dress” Summer 2012 Collection.

What we love about this cut out  shoulder dress is that it’s sexy yet  sophisticated  and it’s easy in and out.

Accompanying a full length zipper that runs to the back of the dress.

If you are interested in purchasing the whitely dress which is displayed below in three different colours, you can do so by checking them out on their website, sending them a message on their fan page on facebook   or send them a couple nice words complementing them on how nice the collection looks on twitter.

Right now, the dress is available for pre order and will ship May 31st!


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