Would You Pay To See Coachella 2013 LineUp In A Full Set Of Holograms?

The buzz about how great Coachella’s  2012 “Weekend 1 ,must have the production team and advertisers smiling from ear to ear especially the creator behind the Tupac Hologram.

We’ve been reading up on what many of our readers and fellow bloggers had to say about the Tupac Hologram, even rapper Rakeon shared his views about it with vibe magazinehe doesn’t believe it was in either way disrespectful  and seeing as Tupac was close to his fans he saw it as a way for them to be able touch him..”

However the story which caught our eye was written by Mike DaSilva  “Holograms: Who would you pay to see brought back to life?” , where he states : “I was dumbfounded. Yes, I realize they didn’t resurrect Pac from the dead, but they got pretty damn close. The whole experience was so realistic. His attitude, and persona was right to the T. Middle finger waving, throwing up the W’s while doing that Pac dance, high energy, and stage presence of…well, a human being.After this performance I was in my bed thinking though. Would I pay to see a full hologram set? If so, who would I go see?”

In his piece he mention a numerous amount of honorable artist and en closing  he asked “would you pay to see a full hologram show of your favorite deceased artists? If so, who would they be?” and we think some people took the statement a bit too far.

Some people went has far off as adding Jesus to the 2013 Coachella line up and we don’t agree with that, check  it out below and see who else made it on the lineup.

Photo via Aux Tv


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