DIY Fashion

DIY Braided Chain Bracelet


  • Chains (or rope, etc.)
  • Jump Rings
  • Toggle Clasp
  • Wire Cutters


1. Cut the chains to length

2. Connect all the strands to one jump ring.

I’ve connected the chains of one strand to one jump ring (4 strands), and then attached all four strands (on separate jump rings) to one jump ring.

3. Connect one end to one half of the toggle clasp

4. Tape the finished end down

5. Braid the strands as follows:

  • Starting from the furthest left stand, the first strand.
  • Bring it over the second strand, then under the third and then over the fourth.
  • Do then same with every subsequent strand.

6. Once at the end, tape up all the strands to keep them in place. This will help with finishing the piece.

7. Add jump rings to each strand

8. Connect all strands to one jump ring

9. Add the last toggle clasp

Simple yea? – You can achieve so many different looks depending on how much chain and what type of chain you use :)


Source : Pretty Quirky Pants


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