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Review : The Music Factory 2012 Spring Edition

The entertainment scene in Barbados has turned heads as of lately and this all begun last year November with the Barbados Music Factory Winter Edition .This event  received such remarkable  feedback and response from the numerous amount of patrons  that they had no choice but to do it again.

Those of you that are new to the event may be puzzled as to exactly what TMF is,basically it consists of a selective amount of DJ’s who showcase their talent for the public.It is an attempt to bring electronic dance music to the masses on a scale that hasn’t really been done before, clearly not in Barbados and not really to a large extent in the wider Caribbean.

This time around it inhabited 20 DJs who varied between the Main House with a line-up including D’ankh (UK), Andy Norman ,Krystal Roxx (Hed Kandi) and our very own  Simply Smooth + ScratchMaster ;  the  Big House (sponsored by Afro Acid) featuring big names like Brooklyn Mike (Miami/NY) , The SS Experience featuring Steve Silk Hurley & DJ Skip (USA), and Jamaicans Alric & Boyd (Afro Acid Caribbean) and the LIME Rave Stage featuring local favourites including DJ Jus Jay, DJ Puffy ,Karpologist and DJ Cyclone.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by the Big House , which was stationed in the back of the event, quite invisible to those coming through the general gate. This stage ended up having next to no one partying under it practically the only negative and disappointing observation of the music factory.

Despite that,I must commend and tip my hat to the music factory crew  for such an energetic and overall  fantastic event. All the DJs surely came prepared especially the ones that I got to hear, so much talent in one place was completely mind-blowing.

From stage hopping between Krystal Roxx & Jus Jay set ,especially when she  pulled out Coldplay’s “Fix You”,that moment was so surreal and beautiful. To touching the sky and floating in mid-air through DJ Puffy ,Simply Smooth /Scratch Master’s set .

Puffy’s set was aberrant to the other DJ’s who played that night .Big tunes came one after the other , with  most of them being  bajan origin and I’m quite certain this is particularly one of the reasons the crowd was so amped up especially when he added in the use of live drums.

Another highlight to the event was during Simply Smooth & Scratch Master set, they were  very unique. Instead of playing most of the usual dance and pop songs they threw in a couple of rap tunes as well and the crowd still remained hype .

It takes a lot out of a person to keep a crowd entertained, I don’t think much people recognize that and somehow these DJs got it done for an entire 9 hours.TMF is the only event I’ve been to in Barbados and actually seen people smiling and partying, no smart phones nothing just dancing and enjoying the night. Two guys even managed to jump on top of the speakers while fist pumping and dancing , eventually of course security came and removed them .

Enclosing ,if you did not get the chance to participate or witness  the brilliance and talent that encompass the music factory, below is a short clip  that we managed  to piece together throughout the event.

So sit back relax and enjoy


One thought on “Review : The Music Factory 2012 Spring Edition

  1. Nice work! You got some wicked footage! Would you send me some and the wanted/cinema mix you used? ROXX! X

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