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DIY Neon Pyramid Necklace

We spotted this cute DIY  necklace over at Creme de La Craft and just couldn’t wait to share .This is perfect for both spring and summer wardrobes  and from the looks of it  most of the supplies needed can be found right at home ! How awesome is that?



Materials Needed:

• 3 Straws

• Gold Spray Paint

• Colorful Paper (tip: look for interesting prints from a magazine)

• Tacky Glue

• Needle & Thread




• Spray paint straws.

• Cut an inch or two off, depending on how big you’d like your triangles to be.

 • Fold them into a triangular shape and insert one of the ends into the other to close.

• Attach paper to each triangle with glue.

 • Run needle & thread through the back of the necklace to connect the triangles.
And voilà!

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