DJ Puffy Drops Another Mix (Freezer Burn Vol 2)

DeejayPuffy  recently released his new mix  Freezer Burn 2 and lets just say it has been turning heads since the drop.

The compilation includes a total  of 39 tracks , a perfect mixture of pop, house, dance, caribbean soca  and a couple exclusive remixes. Some of the  artist on the mix include Swedish House Mafia,Skrillex,Big Sean,Kanye West ,Edwin Yearwood , Yannick Hooper, Lil Rick,Fari,Alison Hinds etc….

This time around we allowed some of his fans otherwise known as “Puffy Miners” to give us a quick short idea on what they thought of the overall mix. Many thought it was “very original ,extremely energetic ,a great playlist to listen to when exercising ,”sick /ill”, some even went as far to say frost bite never felt so good”

I believe those comments say it all and we couldn’t agree more ,however for those who didn’t  have the contingency of  listening to Freezer Burn VOL. 2 , please do so now by clicking  here.

If you are interested in contacting DJ Puffy for bookings view the social sites below








The generation of the “Let’s Go, Let’s Go” will conquer everything under the stars


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