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The Review : NYC Overtime Concert Series

MajorStage organizes  concerts for independent artists in the hip hop, r&b and pop genres, with an emphasis on building a solid brand and fan base. Their  mission is to provide a platform that promotes development and awareness of talent and last month we got to witness this first hand.

The concert held at  Club Pyramid in NYC was the place to be at on August 8th 2012 featuring an over all amount of 20 artist.

Opening for the concert was Jayexxx & Fat Will , which seem like a very tough job from were we stood but they did an excellent job in warming up the crowd and from our observation they were the best acts of the night.

Featured artist such as Yung CJP , Miracle , Matt Patterson, Fronze, Ray Brown, and Chris Smalls also graced the stage with their talent and by the reaction of the crowd they enjoyed Yung CJP ‘s performance.

As this was our first event abroad , we took a couple a photos along with a short video showcasing some of the acts .

Check  it out below and let us know what you think after the jump.



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